Custom Crafted Rings

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

hand engraved custom engagement rings

Whether you need your ring personalized with a hand engraved message inside, or would like a ring custom designed for you, Eric Margry will work with you to make your ring a lasting symbol. He is happy to incorporate any precious stones you may already have or to show you a selection in the size you desire.

hand engraved custom engagement rings

Each of the rings on this page were designed specifically for a customer. Eric's custom jewelry ranges from engraved antique patterns on the outside of a band to a sleek, modern interpretation.
Why not have a custom made ring that is as distinctive as you are?

gold inlaid wedding bands
hand engraved textured wedding bands

Each piece of jewelry is hand made personally by Eric Margry with the attention to detail of an old world craftsman. He is happy to work with you to achieve a custom design that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

hand engraved leaf pattern wedding bands
gold and rubber wedding band

Metals that can be made into rings and Hand Engraved inside and out
Gold - Yellow, White, Pink 14-18k
Sterling Silver - Platinum
Titanium - Palladium

The Finishing Touch - a Hand Engraving inside the ring makes the ring absolutely yours alone. Unlike machine engraving which is not as crisp and is limited in style, hand engraving can last through for generations.

hand engraved script inside wedding band

Script Letter Style
elegant, traditional, lush

hand engraved block letters inside wedding band

Block Letter Style
classic, crisp, compact

You might want to engrave:

  • Your initials and wedding date
  • A phrase from a poem or song
  • A phrase from your wedding vows
  • Special nicknames or sayings
  • Symbols

Custom Crafted Signet Rings

hand engraved math ring
hand engraved ring with clipper ship

Signet Rings can be Personalized with Monograms, Symbols, Words, or Drawings.

hand engraved monogram ring
hand engraved mason ring