Hand Engraved Gifts

Hand Engraved Baby Cup

Eric Margry can Personalize your jewelry and gifts by Hand Engraving any item that is sterling silver, gold, pewter or copper. You can provide the piece or purchase from Margry a handmade ring, set of cufflinks, earrings, bracelet, pendant or pin.

Hand Engraved Necklace

Hand Engraving preserves your message on a gift for literally hundreds of years. It is the most lasting way to personalize anything made of precious metal.
More on the process of Hand Engraving

Hand Engraved Monogram Locket

The crisp, shiny lines of hand engraving impart an air of distinction. What woman wouldn't enjoy earrings, locket, pendant, or bracelet personalized just for her?

Hand Engraved Bracelet
Monogrm hand engraved on money clip

Consider the sophistication of a money clip, key ring, or cufflinks hand engraved with a special date, personal monogram, symbols or design.

cufflinks hand engraved with initials
Cuffllnks Hand Engraved with Flowers

Choose a Letter Style from the samples here or view this page of engraving styles.

Sterling box hand engraved with signatures

Eric Margry can hand engrave signatures which cannot be done by machine engraving. He can also replicate drawings into metal.

Drawing of Plaza Hotel hand engraved on box
Hand Engraved Signet Ring and Pendant

Approximate costs for pieces shown here
prices for hand engraving only

  • Letters or numbers inside ring $4.50 each
  • 4 letters and date on baby cup $54
  • Names on Pendants $90
  • 2 Letters on Cufflinks $100
  • Flowers on Cufflinks $400
  • Monogram on Locket or Signet Ring $80
  • 3 block letters on Money Clip $45
  • Signatures on box $6 per letter
  • Bird Drawing on Pendant $90
  • Family Crests on Cufflinks $400
Hand Engraved Family Crest Cufflinks

For information on the Special Skill of Family Crest Rings and Jewelry, click here.